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AGRU liner pipes made from PVDF, ECTFE, FEP and PFA

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The liner pipe system

An FRP-reinforced liner pipe consists of the inner liner pipe, the outer FRP-reinforcement and the interface in between, where the bonded connection between the materials is established. FRP reinforced liner pipes have an equal constructive setup of the FRP-duallaminates used to build tanks, scrubbers, columns, reactors and other equipment.

The liner pipe serves for the protection against chemical attack and permeation, the outer FRP reinforcement is responsible for the mechanical strength and bears all loads. Typical wall thicknesses for liner pipes made of melt-extruded fluoroplastics are between 2.3 mm and 5 mm (depends on the material and the diameter). This is in contrast to the thermoplastic pressure pipes, which usually have greater wall thicknesses. While for pressure pipes used without reinforcement, the opperation pressure is defined by the polymer itself, the pressure rating of the liner pipes is given by the FRP reinforcement.

Advantages of AGRU FRP liner pipe system

Comprehensive product portfolio and extensive stock-keeping of different materials and components

Everything from one source

  • PVDF HV-Liner pipes are available in diameter between OD 20 mm – 400 mm
  • Different fittings (bends, tees, reducers) can be produced with the unique HV-Liner surface
  • To minimize the installation costs, fabric backed ECTFE, FEP and PFA pipes are available in 5 m and 1 m lengths (tank inlets, nozzles and pipes)

Easy and cost-efficient installation

Because of “thermoplastic material” behaviour welding and thermoforming can be done easily

Time- and cost-saving installation

  • Well known welding technologies
  • Lightweight pipelines for easy handling
  • Tailor-made, flangeless (welded) connections ensure minimized maintenance costs
  • Less permeation-caused damages than lined steel-pipes
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